From The State:

State employees and public school teachers could see pay bumps as part of a $13.9-billion spending plan approved by House budget writers this week.

South Carolina public school teachers would be paid at least $40,000 a year, which is a jump from the $36,000 minimum salary.

State employees would receive a 3% raise and a $1,500 bonus under the plan that comes as the state prioritizes how to allocate an additional $4.6 billion it has to spend this year.

The 3% raise would cost the state an additional $72 million a year, while the $1,500 bonus costs about $45 million.

“I think all of the committee appreciates the hard work of the state employees and it was important … to the entire committee we make sure we give a bonus and I think that was very important in addition to a raise,” said House Ways and Means Chairman Murrell Smith, R-Sumter. “I know inflation has gone up and everybody is struggling to make ends meet during this environment and I certainly think that we will continue to try to find ways to thank our state employees.”

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