This week I stopped in my State House Office and realized I haven’t had many visitors due to Covid in the last year or so. Not much of a tour, but wanted you to share for any curious. We aren’t back in session until January, so looks like I won’t see anyone here until then – but, as always, call me (803-734-2969) or email me anytime at

I’ve shared a few behind the scenes before; but never here at the office. It hasn’t changed much (if any) over the years.

If you ever want to stop in, please call ahead of time. I’d hate for you to just show up and I not be there. Honestly, I’m rarely in that office. Between my paying job and family, I spend more time at my home office than my State House Office. I usually stop in before or after committee meetings; but that’s about it. Most the time I pull into the garage 15 minutes before session starts inside the Chamber and then head out right afterwards.

I used to stick around years ago for receptions and things like that; but living nearby – I prefer to be at home instead. If you work for any of the groups hosting a reception, always call me and I can meet you there – otherwise I pass.

Want you to also know that State House tours are open again. If your family/friends, church group, civic group would like to take a tour, please call my office (803-734-2969) and we can help arrange that as well. These tours are FREE.

Hopefully next year, we can have visitors again inside the chambers. I know many of our local state championship teams have missed not being able to come downtown for their special moment of recognition. Over the years, Rep Huggins and I have hosted many champions from Chapin, Dutch Fork and Irmo. #PrideIn5

Please call me (or June!) anytime 803-734-2969 OR you can email me at – but PLEASE put the word CONSTITUENT in the subject line. Those emails stand out over the thousands of others across the state we receive regularly.

Thanks again for the honor to serve you in Columbia!