I briefly took the podium yesterday to honor my word by showing support for our state employees. Most times that I can recall throughout the year, it’s always Rep. Gilda Cobb-Hunter, alone, speaking on behalf of this group during budget debate. Yesterday, she was not alone. After she and I spoke, the Ways and Means Chairman (aka Budget Chairman) spoke and affirmed his desire and intentions to join us in a pay increase this year.

The video speaks for itself, but for background, our state employees often are not on the top of any budget lists in the General Assembly. Frankly, many times the Senate increases their pay/benefits after the House send our budget to them. (To be fair, most times, the revenue estimates are much higher for the Senate to work with due to the timing of the process and the economic numbers being updated).

In any case, I will work to be sure our state employees receive a raise (and hopefully not just a bonus) when the House returns in the coming months to consider additional funding.