Maybe, like me, you weren’t aware of some great work being doing our community! Thank y ou Caroline and others! click below to donate, cook, or request a meal for a family who may need it during these times.

From WACH FOX website

COLUMBIA, SC (WACH) — The Lasagna Love movement started just after the pandemic hit the United States, when founder Rhiannon Menn and her toddler started making and delivering meals to families in the neighborhood who were struggling.

Here in the Midlands though, the Lasagna Love movement just began in October when Caroline Bryan from Irmo reached out to get involved.

“Sometimes we just need somebody to step in and say, ‘hey I see you, I see that you’re struggling, or I see that you’re having a hard day or a hard week, and I just want to spread a little love.” says Bryan. “We’ve helped people that have lost their jobs, lost their child care, anything like that to just stressed out families that are struggling with virtual learning.”

Those who volunteer are known as Lasagna Mama’s and Papa’s, and how often you can help out is up to you.
“We don’t have enough volunteers every week to meet the needs of every family, some families are having to wait two or three weeks,” says Bryan. “So we definitely could use more lasagna family members to volunteer and help.”

Lasagna Love is always looking for more volunteers, you can anonymously nominate a family in need , request a lasagna of your own , donate the groceries , or sign up to cook .

CDC guidelines are always followed, to reduce the chance of spreading the coronavirus.

“Our delivery is contactless so what we’ll do is will text the recipient and give them a timeframe then you just take it and you leave it on the doorstep and then you send them a text before you leave,” says Bryan. “So there’s no actual physical contact with the families you’re helping.”

Thousands of families nationwide have been fed through Lasagna Love.