I’m on the ballot next month with two opponents and hope I can count on your support again!

Earlier this year I shared that I would not be knocking on doors like I always have done. I miss it greatly; but in these times, I think it’s best. You won’t get mail pieces from me either. There are so many local, state, national races going on – you’re going to be flooded (even more than now) with that sort of stuff!

You will see me on the side of the road later this month though. If you want to talk, do like others in the past and just pull on over (safely) and let’s catch up. If you have any questions, you can always give me a call.

I hope my conservative, common-sense approach to state government is one that you agree with and can support again. I can’t please everyone (in a house of two teenagers, you know how that goes for Karen and me) but I do try to find positive solutions that most understand.

Serving you and your family in Columbia is an honor of a lifetime and I look forward to returning in January to continue to improve our quality of life – not just for today but for the future of our state and our kids!

Here when you need me,