Here is the update I received today from SCDOT.

Nathan – Wessinger Road is under contract to be reclaimed and resurfaced from the Richland County line to St. Thomas Church Road, a length of 2.57 miles. The work is to construct a 12” deep cement-modified base and place a temporary surface treatment on each section until the entire length has been reconstructed and the base has sufficiently cured, and then resurface with 2 inches of hot mix asphalt. The contractor had reconstructed the first ½ mile of base, and had to pull off because of some unexpected subgrade issues, primarily on the widened shoulders. It is not unusual for the surface treated reconstructed base to be somewhat rough until the final surface is placed, but in this case, this ½ mile section is more uneven than usual, primarily because of the subgrade issues encountered. The asphalt subcontractor plans to mobilize later this week to mill off the surface of this ½ mile section and place the final surface course. The prime contractor plans to remobilize after Labor Day to resume constructing of the cement-modified base on the remaining 2 miles of Wessinger Road. Please let me know if there are any questions or if additional information is needed.

Robert C. Dickinson, P. E.
District 1 Engineering Administrator