The House and Senate return for the 2nd regular session of the 123rd General Assembly and I want to be sure you know how to contact me when needed.

Nathan’s News readers noticed a new name in my office last month. After months of having a college student juggle school and supporting 4 House members, we now have June Cornelius in the office. June should be in the office 3 days a week (Tues, Wed, Thu) until we adjourn for the session (May? June?)

Realize, even though June is there most the day, our members have “paying jobs” and once we adjourn from floor debate and committee meetings we are usually back making a living in our profession.

Legislative Aide: June Cornelius (803) 734-2969 or

My email: or Click here

*NOTE: When you email using above, you will receive an automatic reply which lets you know to resend email (and remember going forward) to list CONSTITUENT in the subject line so that I can respond more quickly to your request/suggestion/advice. We receive thousands of emails during the year and this is one way years ago I realized would help assure I didn’t overlook an email from someone in our community!

The General Assembly website (where you can search and track bills, see meeting dates/times, even watch session and some committee meetings live) is

While my office can be your “one stop shop”, you may want to reach out directly to these individuals on non-state related matters:

School District: Website and/or 476-8000

Richland County: Our local county councilman is Bill Malinowski

Lexington County: Our local county councilwoman is Erin Long Bergeson

Town of Irmo: Website and/or 781-7050

Town of Chapin: Website

City of Columbia: Website

If you contact any of the above and do not get a response, please let me know and I will reach out on your behalf to that group.

It’s an honor and privilege for me to again serve you in Columbia! Thank you!