When you call my office (734-2969), be sure to introduce yourself to June Cornelius, our new legislative aide (effective last month)!

She’s not in the picture above though, that’s Emma and JC when they were younger (with Annie #RIP)! They’ve helped me a lot through the years but I’m very relieved to finally have someone in the office to help support me and 3 other members of the House (and our constituents).

Many do not know this, but unlike the Senators (who have their own dedicated FULL TIME support), members of the House SHARE PART TIME support. For the past two years, the 4 members in my office suite have relied on a USC student (very bright, now in law school) to help us and our constituents.

We are very excited now to have support from someone “not in school” and someone who is able to work longer hours to help us.