Last week, I was tagged on Facebook and started making calls to find out more about this. When I spoke to our local County Councilman, Bill Malinowski, he said wasn’t sure of the request either but would be finding out more.

While I don’t have a vote on these matters, I do want to keep you informed and ask that you call both Councilman Malinowski and other members of Richland County Council.

Please note these hearings are the PLANNING COMMISSION and they present an approval or disapproval recommendation to council to ultimately vote. From what I have noticed in years past, the council pretty much accepts whatever recommendation the planning commission gives.

From WLTX website:

CHAPIN, S.C. — An official notice sign from the Richland County Planning Commission has raised concern among Chapin citizens.

“We don’t know what’s going on,” community member Phyllis Bickley told Street Squad, “We can’t find out anything, we haven’t been told anything. We just don’t know and that’s what’s bothering everybody, what everybody is upset about… we can’t find out anything.”
The sign gives notice of a proposed zoning change for two properties off of Broad River Rd. at Freshly Mill Rd. and Canterfield Rd.

One piece of property (Case #19-047MA) is 17.79 acres currently listed as “RU” which stands for rural district. It is slated to be changed to “GC” meaning general commercial.

The second piece of property (Case #19-046MA) is 12 acres listed as “RU” to be changed to residential multi family high density- “RM-HD.”

At this point in the process, the applicant for these properties does not have to state what they intend to do with the land. The zoning applications were submitted by Vicki Brooks, a realtor in the area.

Here is a breakdown of the process for how rezoning land works according to Geonald Price, Planner for Richland County:

First, there is the submission of the application to rezone. That goes to the Richland County planning department,which then prepares a report based on multiple things such as its part in the county’s comprehensive plan, traffic studies and so on.

These recommendations go to the Richland County Planning Commission – a group of nine members appointed by county council.

They will then have a public meeting and come up with a recommendation that will go on to county council.

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