Conservative Reformer Will Focus Efforts to Finish What He Started, “Clean Up” State House

(Chapin, SC) Today, State Representative Nathan Ballentine issued the following statement on speculation he might enter the race for the open State Senate seat in District 20:

“For more than a year while our community had no Senator in office, I have worked with other State Representatives in the Midlands to help continue constituent service and give those impacted a voice in State government. I understand better than most the frustration many of these individuals have with the corruption scandal and the effect it has taken on this state.

Recently, calls and emails encouraging me to run in this special election for Senate have increased. Not until our House campaign ended last Tuesday, did I give any attention to seeking another office.

However, I have decided to stay in the SC House and not run for the SC Senate at this time.

I ran for reelection to the State House this year because we need the best representation possible for our community – and state. My tenure and relationships in the House are important and can impact the lives of those who reside in this community.

The battle over energy choice has finally become front page news. In the aftermath of VC Summer’s Nuclear plant shutdown, I helped form the SC Energy Caucus to develop more energy options in South Carolina. I also helped lead the fight in the House to save over 3,000 Solar jobs in SC. There is much more to be done and I will continue to work and put our state on the correct course for a brighter future.

Whether reforming the SC Department of Transportation so we can finally get our state roads and bridges fixed or pushing for meaningful ethics reform including On The Record voting, we must continue to fix our state government to work for the people and not the politicians.

The recent corruption scandals involving members of both the House and Senate must end; and legislators must do more to make sure this never happens again.

Absolute power corrupts absolutely. We have passed term limits for our House Speaker and now we must term limit our House Chairmen. The power held by so few can ultimately harm so many.

That is why I have decided to stay in the SC House and continue this fight for more reforms. I truly appreciate the kind words, encouragement and friendship others have shown me this last week. It has meant a great deal to both me and my family.

I am sure there will be many good qualified candidates that will announce in the coming days. Like many other voters, I will be looking forward to help elect a reform minded public servant who is willing to work with others to focus on people, not politics.”