Earlier today, my phone was blowing up with calls, texts and emails.

Not having been called by a reporter before he wrote his story , I was unaware that the media was reporting a challenger for our House seat.

Like we all know, this seat belongs to the people of our community and as the article shared (after another reporter called me later in the day):

Ballentine said he welcomes a competitive race.

“It’s not about individuals. It’s about getting results done for the community and the state, and we’ve got several critical issues that we continue to address: energy reform, ethics reform, holding corrupt politicians accountable,” Ballentine said. “I look forward to earning the community’s support again and continuing to move on these issues and making more progress.”

Soon, I’ll release a list of early supporters much like we did in 2016. I had a fantastic time campaigning back then (not sure Karen and kids enjoyed it) and I look forward to another campaign in the weeks and months ahead.

As always, contact me here or call me at home (732-1861) anytime I can be of service!