When I first ran for office, I remember the wonderful experience knocking on over 3,000 doors in our community! (Door #2 wasn’t fun…two drunk adult males answered…but other than that, it was all good)

Since that time, I’ve stayed in touch in many ways – but none better than being out in the neighborhoods going door-to-door or visiting with neighborhood HOAs at their meetings.

Today, I was in a handful of neighborhoods and was reminded of the diverse community we have (many wouldn’t think we have cows/chickens out here in Chapin; but we do). These regular visits help me serve our community better and it’s always good hearing “I saw that on your Twitter feed” or “I read that on your website”. Some that I meet though, have never visited my website (or tell me they really don’t keep up with politics. I don’t blame them for that and appreciate their honesty.)

While there are many people out here that visit Nathan’s News; some visitors are not on the distribution list of more than 2,500 members of our community that regularly receive COMMUNITY UPDATES from me. If you’re not on that distribution list, simply click CONTACT above and ask me to add you to the list. For more than 10 years, those updates were simply word emails. Last year I finally “got high tech” and have heard the emails are better received and easier to follow.

Don’t be left out. Sign up and stay informed! Oh – and definitely let me know your concerns and suggestions for state government!