One of the most important roles in the General Assembly is being a good steward of your tax dollars.

I take that role very seriously and every year am one of the House Members who usually sustains many budget vetoes (that means, I agree with the message for the veto). I used to catch a lot of grief for this back in the day (first elected, new guy, “that’s not what we do around here, Ballentine”). Since then, members realize that I’m voting as I feel is best – AND – based on feedback from the people I represent.

You can imagine the “peer pressure” back when someone had a project in there and you were telling them you can’t help them. But, as I wrote many years ago, I was elected to represent my constituents and the best interests of the people – not any friends in the House or Senate.

With that said, now is your time to let me know your thoughts on Governor McMaster’s first budget vetoes . Unlike years past, the General Assembly won’t return in the coming weeks to consider these vetoes. It appears we may wait until January 2018 and take our votes then. Every year, you’ve given me great feedback and information I did not have previously. If you have a strong opinion one way or another (to override or to sustain the veto), please let me know.

Comment below, contact me here , or email me at (please put CONSTITUENT in the subject line) and give me your advice. I would appreciate it!