In a continuing sign that things are not the same in the SC House of Representatives as they once were, 22 GOP caucus members raised their hands saying they could not support borrowing $500,000,000 in this year’s state budget; no matter how worthy the projects were on the list.

Days later, there was no bond.

That doesn’t mean projects went without funding. It meant money was found in the budget to fund some of the projects or fund them at less amounts than the bond would have funded.

In the past, leadership would have rammed this bond down our throats and we’d have had maybe a 10 minute Q&A during lunch before voting for it. Not this session.

I want to thank Speaker Jay Lucas (R-Darlington) for allowing a much more open atmosphere for all members (Republican Caucus or entire House members) to have more say in what is happening in state government.

Whether it was the Governor’s bully-pulpit , more courage of members to speak out, a new Speaker, or simply listening to constituents…it worked.

As always I appreciate your feedback , especially many of you that shared your thoughts on my video on Facebook and Twitter before the bond debate began!

You can read more about this bond and it’s defeat by visiting Rep Tommy Stringer (R-Greenville) website.