precinct changes

Like you, I’d much rather forget the election fiasco from 2012; but if you want to read about that mess again, feel free to click here to see several posts I shared with the community to keep you informed .

The same month the fiasco happened, I presented a plan that I thought would help fix the situation. I delivered on that plan; but am always looking for ways to be sure everyone who wants to vote, can vote.

To that extent, I have learned that when the precincts were redrawn , several people ended up having to drive PAST OTHER VOTING PLACES to get to their new place. How did I learn this? Because a constituent let me know. In fact, her street was divided and the first half of the street got to vote at the nearest polling place; but the last half of her street had to drive several miles away. Obviously, that needed to change.

To do so, I’ll have to get my House and Senate colleagues to approve the plan which, simply put, is outlined in the above photo. If you live in the highlighted areas, please let me know your thoughts. You can comment below or you can contact me through the website by clicking here .

To help you better understand the moves, please note that:
Spring Hill votes at Spring Hill High
Dutch Fork #1 votes at Dutch Fork High
Dutch Fork #3 votes at River Springs Church

Thank you to those that brought this to my attention. That is why I always encourage feedback and advice from the community. It’s the best way to help me serve you in Columbia!