Thank you

My family and I again appreciate your support yesterday (and throughout the years)!

Public service is a calling for me and one I take seriously. Everyday I walk the steps of your State House, I realize the weight of the decisions before us in Columbia. I could not serve without the support of my family at home or without the input and advice from those of you who stay involved and are willing to share your expertise and opinions with me.

As I share with my colleagues “elected officials who stay in touch year round – instead of just at election time – are far better able to serve their constituents.” That is what I’ve strived to do since 2004 and will continue to do for our community.

As always, I encourage you to visit my site often (I’ll post more starting next month when we return to Columbia). Please call or email with advice and opinions ; and feel free to invite me to visit with your neighbors, church or civic organizations.

I’m here to help,