Tuesday, I shared the story brought to me from Richland residents about the need to improve the entrace ways into the Capital City.

I reached out to the key players (City of Columbia, SCDOT, Dept of Corrections, Richland County) and am pleased to share with you what I received yesterday from the SC Department of Transportation. Sometimes “the wheels of government” move very slowly. Not this time!


I have met with City Officials to discuss our upcoming activities and we both agree that coordination of our efforts would have most public benefit. Therefore, the following activities outlined below will run concurrently beginning on Monday, August 25th:

• In preparation for the 3rd Cycle Interstate median barrier wall sweeping/cleaning. Herbicide spraying of the center median as well as the retaining walls adjoining the emergency lanes will start on Monday. This operation will be in both Lexington and Richland (Columbia Metropolitan Area) Counties with I-126 being the first location.
• Starting Monday, August 25th, two crews will beginning cutting and removing vegetation (Inbound – after peak traffic period) along the retaining walls on I-126 between Greystone Blvd and the Charleston Flyover. I expect this operation to be completed by Thursday, August 28th.
• The center median barrier wall sweeping operation will remain on its current schedule to due to coordination with Highway Patrol, other Districts, and major area events for September 20th – 25th.
• We will maintain continuous litter/debris removal of the mainline and emergency lanes on the interstates as necessary.

City of Columbia:
• Pruning and manicuring the ornamental trees specifically in areas covering destination/directional signs and overhanging the emergency lanes on I-126 between Huger/Elmwood tri-level and Greystone Blvd to begin on Monday, August 25th.
• Trimming vegetation growing the median area on I-126 from Huger/Elmwood tri-level to the Congaree River.
• Spraying herbicide in unsightly areas as needed.
• Policing for litter in the median along the areas where there is guardrail.

This approach and coordinated effort should go a long way to improving one of the many gateways into the Capital City.