2014 Richard Franklin

Photo credit: @StateHouseWife

You may recall earlier this year, I mentioned infrastructure improvements that were coming our way .

Today you should see one of the projects, that has been long overdue on Richard Franklin Road, begin. Bear with it a couple of weeks and it will definitely be worth it.

I’m in contact as well with Rob Penny (Richland County – Transportation) to check on some other projects that were a part of the “Penny Tax” that passed during a time most of us would rather forget. As I learn more about those projects, I’ll keep you informed.

Yesteray, I shared information those other projects (along with estimated cost and funding source). As I’m sure you have heard, roads ain’t cheap….but we need to find a way to improve them (and bridges) and figure it out soon. We can’t keep kicking the can down the road in the General Assembly.

Nathan’s News readers have seen a few of my infrastructure proposals over the years. Some have received bipartisan support from a handful of colleagues; but have not made it through the process to become law. I want to be sure we exhaust ALL possibilities before we raise the gas tax.

What are your thoughts?

Photo below is just one small section of the road. Those that drive it regularly know the entire road is like this – or worse. I took photo earlier this week before the repair work started.

2014 Richard Franklin 2