Moments ago I posted about the Community Open House for Palmetto Heath Parkridge next month.

That made me think back to the long (dare I say “political”) process to get to this point. Here’s a post I wrote five years ago about not just the process here in Richland and Lexington; but also about whether we should change the law or not.

It also reminded me of the Governor’s Veto last year that caused a big stir inside the chamber and outside among many in the medical profession as well as constituents across the state. Surprisingly, I hear from doctors who think the CON process is not needed….and also many who do believe we still need it.

This topic will come up again during budget debate – and maybe even in stand-alone legislation.

If you have an opinion, I’d love to hear from you.

For additional background, here is a link to the National Conference of State Legislators which presents pros and cons to the Certificate of Need process.