Being stewards of YOUR tax dollars is the biggest responsibility we have in the General Assembly. The budget (and vetoes) are very important and that’s why I’ve written many posts about these matters over the years on my website (search “budget”, “veto”, “vetoes” in the seach feature above to see). In fact, the budget is so important, I left Karen and the kids in Florida this morning so I could get back here to cast votes tomorrow.

Last year, I was able to deliver several hundred flyers to newspaper boxes around the community and had a week’s lead time to get your feedback. This year, we just got the vetoes at 4pm and so I’ll have to rely on my website , Twitter , and Facebook to get your input in the Irmo/Chapin/Ballentine/Dutch Fork areas!

I appreciated all the feedback on my site last year and hope you can find time this evening (or tomorrow morning) to help me again.

Click here (H3710, 71 vetoes) and here (H.3711, 10 vetoes) to read the veto messages from Governor Haley.

As always, your feedback is appreciated. Many times readers prefer to contact me directly instead of posting on the site. Whichever you prefer is fine by me!

Hearing from the constituents in Irmo/Chapin/Dutch Fork…as well as others across the state…helps me better understand differing opinions before casting these very important votes.

Thanks for helping me serve you better in Columbia!