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In an effort to continue to keep you posted on the Housing Development being proposed off Bickley Road, I checked with SC State Housing today. Below is their response:


We have completed the application reviews and notified developers of missing/incomplete documents giving them a seven (7) day business day timeframe to provide the missing/incomplete documents. Point scoring will begin this week and we hope to finish by the end of next week. A double check of the initial scores will be done before posting preliminary point scores to the tax credit webpage. We anticipate posting scores around the second week of May.

The underwriting analysis and reviews are just beginning. Depending on the time it takes to complete these we anticipate making award announcements by the end of June.

We have received 188 letters and one (1) petition containing 106 signatures in opposition to the development. We have not received any positive support letters. As for phone calls, I have not kept a record of those but would estimate having received around 10 calls from neighborhood residents.

Should you need anything further or have additional questions please feel free to call me.

Laura Nicholson
Development Director
SC State Housing Finance & Development Authority