More than 500 members of the community packed Seven Oaks Park on Wednesday to hear GOP Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney share his vision for our country! Representative Huggins and I were pleased to see several Irmo and Chapin Chamber members there as well as several small business owners and families.

This week’s visit marks the second time Romney came to our community during this campaign cycle! Last May he made his first SC visit to my home and our area before gearing up for a campaign that has focused on the main objective for Republicans come November: beating President Obama and fixing our ailing economy.

You don’t fix Washington by electing an insider! Governor Romney has spent his career outside of Washington in private business, creating jobs. In his short time as CEO of the bluest state in the country (Massachusetts), he was able to create surplueses from deficits. He also rescued an Olympics (Salt Lake) that was myred in controversy and scandal. Romney has the business credentials and management skills/style needed to break the gridlock in Washington and restore free-market principles our country was founded upon.

For those reasons and more , Karen and I will be casting our vote this afternoon at Lake Murray Elementary for the next President of the United States, Mitt Romney!