If you’ll indulge me for a moment, one of my constituents last week, after watching this year’s State of the State, shared with me that I have been mentioned in the past three speeches ( Sanford 2009 , Sanford 2010 , Haley 2011).

Ok, yes, that is certainly flattering and humbling but I also hope that after this year, there will be no need to debate On the Record Voting again .

It’s been a long time coming and I’m hopeful the House and the Senate can come together and agree this issue must become permanent law soon. It’s long overdue.

H.3004 passed the House unanimously the first week and today (January 26) H.3285 should pass on second reading. Within the first 3 weeks, the House has passed both a permanent law and a constitutional amendment to provide more accountability for our elected officials to the voters of our state. I’m hopeful the Senate will approve both so we can send to our new Governor in the next few weeks.