I appreciate everyone who called, emailed, facebooked or contacted me through the website with your concerns.

I especially want to thank local law enforcement (particularly Sheriff Leon Lott ) and Department of Transporation officials for their work in helping to get the resolution needed.

The latest for safety improvements around Oak Pointe Elementary are listed below:

1) DOT is going to remove the “yield” sign, which was put up last Spring. There have been no major issues at the intersection prior to the installation of the “yield” sign.

2) DOT is going to do some modifications to the intersection, most importantly moving the stop sign and stop barrier on River Bottom further into the intersection on Hollingshed so that drivers making a right turn from River Bottom to Hollingshed will have a clearer line of site as they are pulling onto Hollingshed.

3) DOT said it is 90% sure it can install a flashing “school zone” light on Hollingshed prior to River Bottom to help slow down traffic at the intersection.

4) Mid-Carolina Electric is going to explore the possibility of installing some street lighting at the intersection since it is very dark in the mornings during the months of October (prior to the switch to standard time) and March (prior to the switch to Daylight Savings Time). All three wrecks at the intersection this school year occurred in October in the morning.