If you read Nathan’s News, odds are you are someone who already knows what the Tax Realignment Commission is and what they’ve been charged to do. What you may not know is what exactly they’ve been up to over the past several months.

For those that want to feel like you’re a part of the Commission, this site has everything you want.

I’m guessing you’ve already heard some of the proposals being debated: a grocery tax increase (or rather re-instatement)? A gas tax increase? Increase of cap on automobile sales tax?

Did last year’s cigarette tax increase soften the hardcore “no new taxes” stance that SC is known for? Something has to be done though….cut services, raise taxes or…..raise fees?

Ah, yes…fees. Could that be the “out” for both Republicans and Democrats who can sell “fees” better than “taxes” back home?

The TRAC report is due next month – after elections, of course – and once received by the General Assembly, I’m wondering if it will even see the light of day. Remember, we’ve been known to form our share of study committees only to never act upon those recommendations.

I’ve purposely stayed out of any discussions so that the committee – who should not have any political pressure – can recommend what they think is best for our state. Of course, politics will be injected soon enough. Maybe it already has?

If revenues are down and services are already “cut to the bone” – and with no more stimulus money to plug holes – what do you think we should do?