Ask any of my friends and they’ll tell you I have no idea what I’m doing whenever we play cards (for entertainment only, of course). But ask most folks about our Governor and they’ll probably tell you he’s like the Gambler for the way he went “all-in” months ago after several calls for resignation .

After weeks of national late-night talk show embarrassment, the Governor’s situation now comes before the General Assembly tomorrow afternoon. As many know, we can usually count on two hands the number of supporters for the Governor in the “Lower Chamber”. Thing is, between his successful “Four Corners Strategy” and maybe holding aces up his sleeve, the Governor will more than likely survive impeachment.

Yes, you read that correctly.

Not only do I think he won’t be impeached, I don’t even think the resolution passes the House. That’s IF the resolution even makes it to the floor.

I don’t like to make predictions, but my hunch is the Ad-Hoc committee that was put in place will squash the resolution and this chapter in our state government’s history may soon be over. (I”m thinking the ad-hoc committee votes 4-2 against the resolution, but we’ll see…)

The Governor simply caught some good cards “on the flop ” with the House waiting for the Ethics Commission to finish their work, a major jobs announcement, and an apparent willingness to work together among colleagues.

Whether by design, opportunity, or sheer luck, the cards have been going his way.

When I saw the makeup of the AdHoc committee, I knew he had caught another break “on the turn ” and that the river card really doesn’t matter. It’s over.

For most folks, “pulling a Palin” and calling it quits months ago would have been the route they took. Heck, that was even my advice to him when we spoke in August because I saw the writing on the wall. I told him what I figured was coming: that everything he stood for would be critiqued, examined, and torn down in an attempt to force his removal. Check, Check, and check.

But here we are on the eve of the Ad-Hoc committee convening and the Governor’s basically got a stacked deck (in his favor) and calling bluffs.

Earlier this afternoon, local radio-personality Keven Cohen (you know, the guy running for Congress from South Carolina’s 45th congressional district ) asked callers their thoughts. Overwhelmingly, it was “move on”. Seems most folks have grown tired of the drama and figure letting the Governor serve out the remainder of his term is “better” than any of the alternatives.

Obviously when the Ethics Commission accuses you of breaking 37 ethics laws, that’s nothing to gloss-over; but it looks like this chapter is almost over and we will soon return to focusing on what’s really important to our state and our citizens.

So for those that like watching car-wrecks, go ahead. You can follow a few more dog-and-pony shows that may happen over the next few weeks but (spoiler alert) just know “Teflon Mark” appears to have survived one of the largest news stories in our state’s history.

Anyone wanna make a wager on 2012?