….in January.

Anyone who’s followed SC politics (or watched the late-night talkshows) knows our state has been in the news this summer. A lot.

No need to rehash all that here. But what I will share with you is the General Assembly won’t be back until our regularly scheduled January session.

Granted, in politics things can change on a dime; but it’s my opinion we won’t be called back into session by the Speaker (for budget or otherwise) until January 2010 – our regular schedule.

Now, for as many folks that are raising cain over that statement, there are many who are applauding the fact that elected officials may actually be focused on “real issues” and not politics.

Look, everyone’s had their chance to be heard on the issue and what we think is best for our state. Whether it’s Democrats, Republicans, allies or foes…resignation ain’t happening.

Governor Sanford has made it pretty clear (ala Dean Smith’s “Four Corners” Strategy) he will stall things in order to keep him in office for the rest of his term. That much is obvious. As frustrating as these events may be for several folks, it actually has worked and bought him enough time that I think we won’t be back until January.

THEN the question becomes do we “bother” to try to make a change at the expense of other pressing matters (and, of course, get blamed by voters for not doing anything substantive next session) or do we try to do the people’s work while riding it out with a wounded, lame-duck Governor?

Not to mention – do all the shenanigans warrant actual impeachment or not? Everyone has their own opinion on that. Most going back to a simple “dereliction of duty” for being absent for 5 days with no contact.

Like most folks, I’d rather our state not be in this position but here’s where we are. So, next week I’ll be joining other leaders to continue work on “real issues”. The Governor is hosting an Unemployment Roundtable with elected leaders and several business/industry leaders. I might add that this year we unfortunately failed in an effort to reform the Employment Security Commission which could have helped our dire unemployment situation. A failure that was simply another in a long list of “political scores”. Don’t get me wrong, those reforms wouldn’t be the “be-all, end-all” to cure what ails our state…but it couldn’t have hurt. The loss that day on the floor was purely out of spite towards the Governor.

So, as much as things change….they stay the same. Sadly, until everyone starts to focus on “people; not politics” – we’ll always get the same results.

UPDATED 10/19 From House Clerk > Due to the recent issues concerning the Employment Security Commission and the distribution of unemployment benefits, the House, pursuant to subsection (b)(2) of the Sine Die Resolution, will be meeting in statewide session on Tuesday, October 27th.