For the 14th consecutive year, my old high school buds and I (Class of 87, 88) will gather for our annual golf outing. Usually, it’s in Myrtle Beach. Usually, I bring home the “Viking Helmet” (the “award” we give to the guy who finishes last). Usually, I get to put politics behind me for a few days….usually.

I still can’t believe we keep in touch regularly after all these years. Even though it seems the trip gets shorter and shorter, as our lives get busier and busier, we all enjoy the camaraderie and wouldn’t miss this trip for anything (one guy’s wife is due with their first child “any day” now).

If not for this trip, I’d only play maybe 3 rounds of golf a year . First, it’s hard to find the time. Second, golf ain’t cheap.

Thanks for the break this week. I’ll be back to “work” here on Nathans News on Monday with some insight about what I’m hearing about the months ahead for our state.


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