“A man has made at least a start on discovering the meaning of human life when he plants shade trees under which he knows full well he will never sit.” — D. Elton Trueblood
Do you need help with your IN-OFFICE recycling program?

Last week, I ran into Nancy at the Conservation Voters of South Carolina Green-Tie Luncheon and, boy, is she doing her part to keep South Carolina green!

Do you want a recycle program that runs efficiently and requires no work by your staff?

Do you want recycle bins provided for you?

Do you want your bins emptied in a timely manner?

The U.S. EPA estimates 75% of our waste is recyclable. How are other businesses reducing their garbage fees while doing their part to protect the environment?

Read on to find out how local businesses are finding a new and easy way to be “green”.

Tomato Palms, LLC offers local businesses the opportunity to have a successful recycling program inside their office without their staff having to do any of the work. They provide bins with theirr services for offices, break rooms, kitchens and cafeterias. They will also recycle for apartments, condominimums, hospitals and retirement centers.

Tomato Palms goal is to keep all recyclable material out of the landfill.

Currently many businesses pay garbage collectors to take their recyclables to the landfill. However, if a business recycles, their garbage will be significantly reduced, their fees will go down and this gives them a ready made recycling budget.

Tomato Palms has very affordable pick up fees and outstanding customer service. All businesses now have the opportunity to have recycling at their business become a pleasant experience. They set up, pick up and properly recycle. They’ll even recycle obsolete desktop equipment such as monitors and printers. Aluminum and steel cans are the only materials we are paid for and they donate a portion of those proceeds to our local homeless shelters.

Client list includes

Callison, Tighe & Robinson, LLC
Time Warner Cable
Trane SC Commercial Sales Office
Trane Parts Store
Laurel Crest Retirement Center
Bethel Lutheran Church
Dr. Gregory Wych
Filtrona Extrusion
All American Heating & Air
Westinghouse Electric Company-Nuclear Fuels Facility
The Regional Medical Center – Orangeburg
St. Matthews Pharmacy
The Village Idiot

They recycle:
Aluminum Cans
Plastic Bottles
Glass Bottles
Copy Paper
Inkjet & Toner Cartridges
Metal Food Cans
Small Flat Cardboard
Telephone Books

Do you have a storage room full of obsolete desktop equipment such as monitors, printers or fax machines? They will recycle them for you.

They place bins inside your offices, break rooms, kitchens and cafeterias. They empty the bins on an agreed schedule and properly recycle the material. There is nothing for you or your staff to do. They handle EVERYTHING!

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of aluminum cans is donated to our local homeless shelters.

Their affordable pick up fees and outstanding customer service make recycling a pleasurable experience.

As their website says…let us all be a servant of our community, our environment and our economy.