As I’ve done in previous years, I sent a “beginning of the year email” to our District Office this week and asked it to be shared with the district employees. This year, I was told of a district policy that says they will not forward emails from outside the district. So…I figure I’ll just share my message here so the teachers and staff might see when they visit. Note: oftentimes, the District’s email server rejects even my personal responses/replies to district employee emails sent to me so I never really know if any message gets through or not. Hoping they will get that fixed for me/them soon.


I always remember how it seemed my mother never had a real vacation from teaching and I know it’s true for each of you, too.

While school may have been closed the past few months, each of you have been working towards this week where you will soon greet your new students with the same passion, love, and talents you always bring to your profession.

This week is certainly a busy time for you and I just wanted to briefly say “THANK YOU” and wish you the very best this year!

If I can ever help you by speaking with your class or arranging a tour for your students, please let me know.


Nathan Ballentine
House District 71
Richland, Lexington Counties