A few weeks ago, Karen and I had friends in town that wanted to “go out” for dinner. Those that know me, know “dinner” to me is something like Moe’s or something at home; but they wanted to “go out” and decided to go somewhere we/they wouldn’t normally go. They chose Motor Supply Company and then they asked to go to Nonnah’s for dessert. I’ve been in Nonnah’s maybe three times in my life (two to speak to Vista Nights Rotary ) but I decided to roam around and check out the artwork. I’m glad I did.

By chance, I happened to see work by Michel McNinch and noticed she’s a member of our community.

From her website:

Michel McNinch followed her creative desires to pursue a life as a professional artist. She has seen the artistic inclinations she had as a child grow into a successful career.

Michel specializes in portraits, landscapes, and works in series. She enjoys painting realistically with an interpretive style. In her portraits, she strives to create figures that are realistic and uses symbolism to reflect the personality of her model. Constantly inspired by the life and beauty found in everyday surroundings, McNinch conveys that inspiration onto the canvas and seeks to connect with her viewers in the resulting images.

She has been educated largely by inspiration. While many art classes in high school and college taught her the basic elements and principles of art, other artists and the world around her continue to teach her how a painting communicates. “I am hoping that the viewer will connect emotionally to my paintings.”

McNinch has been included in many regional and national shows and won numerous awards. Her work received “Best in Show” awards at the Hub City Exhibition – Spartanburg County Museum and the Belton Center for the Arts Annual Standpipe Exhibition. She is represented in corporate and private collections all along the eastern seaboard from Maine to Florida and also in Germany, Sweden and the Cayman Islands.

Reaching Out

Inspiring others to create is a favorite pursuit. McNinch is an artist who is dedicated to sharing the pleasure of making art. Michel has a successful history teaching art to all age groups. Her lessons are taught with the principle that everyone can learn to communicate visually. She developed an art program at District Five’s Alternative Academy where she taught part time to at-risk middle and high school students. She has also taught art at Midlands Technical College to adults in the Continuing Education Program where she was selected as Adjunct Faculty of the Year and for the Caring Colors Program, sponsored by the Alzheimer’s Association and the South Carolina Arts Commission .

Michel is actively involved in the artwork being created at the Corley Mill Art Studio . There, she instructs beginner and intermediate students. “Working with the students at Corley Mill Art Studio has caused me to think more creatively about my own work. The friendly atmosphere and beautiful surroundings are perfect for painting.” For information please call 356-2986.