As someone who tries to pinch pennies , I probably should’ve noticed the “new look pennies” much earlier than a few weeks ago. Apparently, the US Mint has changed the back of the penny but I’m not quite sure why?

I mean who, besides some tightwads like me, actually picks up pennies they find or actually saves pennies in “piggybanks” at the end of the day? Apparently there are SEVERAL like-minded folks in Irmo who are starting to be regulars on the “free circuit” when it comes to the perk of “kids eat free”.

Tonight, Karen and I took the kids to Moe’s (no surprise there) and have started seeing some of the same families the past few Tuesday nights. After commenting about this on Facebook and Twitter, I’ve since learned of some other “Kids Eat Free” spots in town (who said social-media doesn’t payoff?):

Carolina Ale House
Sticky Fingers

I imagine there are several more places out there with benefits so if you know of any, please pass along and post here.

I’m guessing there are more folks out there like me than we know!

Surely, I’m not the only one to drive a few miles to save $2.50 for a gas fill-up or to order water (instead of tea/diet coke) with lunch to save $2.15?

What are you and your family doing to stretch your dollar or pinch those pennies? I’ve already hit up the tooth fairy a few months ago, what else am I missing?

For the past few years, we’ve saved a ton by using generic razor blades (and you can’t tell the difference). Karen buys alot of our kids’ clothes at WalMart or some used “fancy ones” on Ebay for pennies on the dollar. We go generic on most things (not on PopTarts though, there IS a difference there).

After having to replace our Heating and Air Unit yesterday , we definitely need to find some more ways to save!

I’m sure we all do.