Ms. Lindsay Head’s first-grade class at Nursery Road Elementary

I am very fortunate to represent one of the best school districts in South Carolina: Lexington/Richland School District Five ! Every chance I get, I want to be involved in our classrooms and hear from our teachers, students, and parents.

Today I had an opportunity to visit with and read to Ms. Lindsay Head’s first-grade class at Nursery Road Elementary . While reading “Snow Day” to the students, I was very impressed when one young lady told me the girl in our story had “procrastinated” by not doing her homework and instead playing in the snow! Procrastinated? A first-grader? Yep! We have some very bright young children in our area and every time I’m in the classroom I always walk away impressed.

As the son of an educator who taught for 30 years, I know first-hand how hard our teachers work to help prepare our leaders of tomorrow. While I was recently punished and stripped of my seat on the House Education and Public Works Committee, it does not mean I won’t be involved working towards improving education for all the students of our state.

Once again this year, I’m sure legislation on “choice” (private and/or public) will come to the House floor for debate. I’d love to hear your thoughts as I plan to continue to push for us to do something – anything – to try to improve education in our state and be sure all students have a shot at fulfilling their potential.

Also, if you’re the parent of a high school senior in our area, be sure your son/daughter contacts his/her school’s guidance counselor about the 2009 Ballentine Scholarships! Packets have been mailed and hopefully posters displayed. More information (2008, earlier) can be found here .

Tonight I want to say a special THANKS to every teacher in our district who work hard each and every day to make a difference in our children’s lives!