I hope you’ll again take time to complete this year’s survey (click here for it to appear) – my fourth annual survey since I’ve been in office.

Elected officials that stay in touch regularly (instead of just at election time) have a much better chance of doing the job they were sent to do!

Instead of asking your opinion AFTER a vote is taken, I like to hear from you BEFORE the votes so that I can hear from all sides of the debate. Many of you work or have expertise with these issues that I do not have. I want to hear from you instead of just hearing the same ol’ information around the State House Grounds from the same ol’ folks.

I want to continue to hear from the folks that sent me to Columbia!

These surveys help me set priorities and policy that not only affect our community but our entire state as well. Thanks for your time (and your stamp/envelope) this year!

NOTE: If you are not a resident of House District 71, I still encourage you to complete and return your survey. While you may not have a chance to directly vote for me, your voice still matters too! Elected officials (statesman) should try to represent our entire state with their decisions. Please put your home address and email on the survey you mail back to me. Thanks!