Coming home after lunch today with my folks in Clinton (the halfway point between us/them), Karen turned to me and said “look at all the trash on the highway. You should do something about this”.

Now I don’t want you to think I’m some tree-hugger or anything (although I was “Green Approved” this past year) and I don’t want to go all “Lou Holtz” on you but really, it was pretty trashy for the 11 mile stretch before the concrete median starts just outside Irmo.

And, yes, it happens to be the area I live in. Many of you reading this, live here too.

So, first things first, I’ll be contacting the SCDOT tomorrow about this and then I want to work to get something going in our area . If you’d be interested in being one of my team leaders for a “Keep Our Community Clean” program, please email me and I can share more details with you.

Hopefully, there’ll be some interest from our community. Otherwise, Iron Eyes Cody is gonna get more upset than he was back in the 70s when I was a child.

(Special Thanks to Mrs. Charlene Meetze who originally mentioned this idea to me awhile back).

(UPDATE: This entire section has been cleared and cleaned now!)