If you haven’t heard by now our Congress is set to receive a $4,700 pay raise next month.

Wondering how your US House member or US Senator voted? You’ll be looking awhile.

The reason is because there will be no vote. This is an automatic increase (apparently since 1989) and the only way to stop it is…well, someone has to bring it to a vote. Long odds there.

On another related topic to transparency, check out what the Virginia State House is doing. They are going to recorded votes in SUBCOMMITTEES. Heck, we haven’t even got it straight yet on the full House and Senate floors here in South Carolina and Virginia has it down to the subcommittee level!

Folks, if there’s one MUST HAVE bill this year, it is transparency of our votes. A few of us are “paying the price” for continuting the push to get this done but we feel our state will be better off because of it. HOPEFULLY this season a LAW can pass. We already have to fix the disastrous-rule that passed the House earlier this month but even by fixing that rule with a new rule it’s not what is ultimately needed for our state. Remember, rules are governed from within. LAWS are governed by the people of our state!