Surfing the net the past few days and reading the prefiled bills in the House and Senate, I saw a friend of mine in the “Upper Chamber” (Senator Ray Cleary) has prefiled a bill to limit SC officials’ terms in office .

Senator Cleary and I have worked together in the past (successfully) with companion bills for the senior citizens of our state as well as autism treatment for our state’s children.

Should we join together with this cause as well?

I”m considering filing his bill in the House and would like to know your thoughts – here at Nathan’s News or email me directly at if you’d like.

In the past, I’ve heard from many of you about the need to keep elected officials from becoming “career politicians”. Granted, every election is a chance to “term limit” officials out of office if you disapprove of their actions; but I believe everyone would agree that ousting an incumbent is no small feat for a challenger. So, should we limit the number of years a person may serve in each chamber?

Is there a downside to this? Do we indeed get “wiser in office” or do some folks lose touch on what they were sent to do and who they represent?

After all, we do have term limits on our Governor (Executive Branch). Why not on us, (Legislative branch)? Aren’t we supposed to be part-time, citizen-legislators?

Information on other state’s limits can be found here at