Years ago, Schoolhouse Rock actually did a good job explaining the process. While this little ditty is about Congress, it pretty much works the same way at the state level.

Today more than 100 House bills were pre-filed for next session. Tomorrow, the Senate will have their first pre-filing dates.

The House will have another day next week and the Senate likewise the following day. After that, no more bills can be introduced until the first day of session.

Remember, these bills have a full two-years to work their way through subcommittees, committees, the House, the Senate, and the Governor’s Office (and sometimes back again if vetoed). After two years, if they aren’t laws, they “die”.

I encourage you to find bills of interest to you and follow them closely. Testimony is usually allowed at all subcommittee meetings (but not full committees). Get involved. Come to Columbia and let us know what’s on your mind! Or at least email and call your local official.

(NOTE: You can also find out what bills your Representative has introduced – primary sponsor – and also what bills he/she is a cosponsor for by clicking here.