My in-laws’ house is pretty busy this morning, as I’m sure several homes across the land are on this Thanksgiving Day.

The kids have been up watching the Macy’s Day Parade. My mother-in-law, Karen, and my sister-in-law have been busy in the kitchen (last night too!), my parents are on their way from Greenville and everyone else is getting ready for today’s Thanksgiving meal.

Coming to the mountains is a stress-reliever for me (well, as much as this Type-A personality can relax). Today even better, as the whole family will be together.

I’m thankful for many things but especially that Karen and I have both our parents with us (who coincidentially were married on the same day almost 40 years ago!) and that everyone is healthy. We’ll miss The Trusell Reunion Sunday (my grandmother’s side) but will certainly keep everyone in our hearts this season.

I’m very thankful for our children and how God has given Karen and I these wonderful gifts of joy. Hearing “Daddy” and “Dada” always make me happy and I look forward to many more memories together in the mountains or wherever our family comes together for the holidays.

Thank you, God. I sometimes don’t say it enough.