It’s been almost a week since my Gamecocks did it to us again and I need to finally put closure on this.

Much like Lucy to Charlie Brown, the Gamecocks always lure us fans into thinking THIS is “next year”, only to have our heart ripped out again…and again….and again…and again.

I’m 37 and have seen several “Gamecockesque performances” first-hand myself. Dating back to the Furmans, the Pacifics, and the Citadels of the world, the memories come back year after year. And now…. Vandy “owns us”? Has it really come to THIS?

I said it last year during the cigarette tax debate and I’ll say it again….”As a lifelong Gamecock fan, I know next year never comes.”

The sad thing is, I can’t quit it. Gamecock Football is perhaps one of the most painful addictions you can have. It’s also one that has no cure or a 12-step plan to kick the habit (that I know of). At least with a cigarette tax increase, we may stop some folks from picking up that miserable addiction. But how do you stop folks from Gamecock Football?

The verdict is still out for “next year” with the cigarette tax but after last week, us Gamecock fans have seen the ball pulled away again on another season.

(Editor’s note: I hope to eat-crow after some miraculous upset this weekend……wait a minute….see, there I go again….I can’t shake it…’s just in my/our blood).