David Lowman 1816-1889

For only the second time this summer, the family rented a boat for the day on Lake Murray.

While on “Goat Island”, Sarah and my father-in-law came across a family graveyard that we’ve never seen before. I took these photos and tonight Karen googled so we could learn more.

We came across a great site for our area: The Dutch Fork Chapter of the South Carolina Genealogical Society, Inc.

Selecting the Lowman family , we found….

David Lowman born 1806 (editor’s note: headstone shows 1816?) died 13 November 1889 married Barbara Elizabeth (Betsy) Rauch born 28 August 1808 died 18 December 1888, they are buried in a family cemetery on Harmon Island in Lake Murray near St. Michael’s Lutheran Church building near Irmo, SC.

a. Henrietta Lowman born 1829 died 17 June 1890 married David Slice born about 1833
b. Catherine Lowman born 1832 married Walter Amick born 1832
c. Samuel Govan Lowman born 23 July 1834 died 7 February 1930 married Elizabeth Christina (Tina) Metts born 23 December 1838 died 5 April 1942
d. Mindy F. Lowman born 1836
e. Maria Lowman born 1839
f. James Lott Lowman born 21 April 1841 died 27 November 1931
g. Virginia Alberta Lowman born 1849 married Wesley Younginer

It’s really amazing when you come across something like this for the first time and realize these folks walked, farmed, socialized, and attended church in our community over 100 years ago. Wouldn’t it be great to hear from them today?

Karen and I will try to make one of these meetings in the future to learn more. I’m disappointed I didn’t see any Ballentines on that genealogy. How about your family? Go to that site to learn more or perhaps make a meeting to update any new information you have.

W.A. Younginer 1846-1899