I look forward to each Saturday when I get to be “Daddy” with no other obligations (well, most Saturdays anyway. I do still speak/attend when asked by organizations/groups in our community).

Today “The Breakfast Bus” (the nickname we give Karen’s Car on Saturday), found an extra treat!

On top of the usual stop at either Dunkin Donuts (for “mumphskins”) or McDonalds (“pancakes and bacon”), today we found gas for $3.37/gallon.

Where? Off I-26 and Bush River (Raceway, 1204 Bush River Road)

Across the street $3.39 was posted but, by the time I was finished at Raceway, they had lowered to $3.37 also.

As always, the Kroger in Irmo is still a good spot ($3.42 this morning) and compared to others in the area, these are good buys.

Still lookin’ for the cheapest? Try here .