Today, the Governor released his list of 69 vetoes.

I’m not sure if we’ll vote on these tomorrow or instead wait until next week.

Either way, place your bets… many do you think will be sustained?

For a look at how vetos have fared over the past three years I’ve been in office, you can visit the links below.

In case you’re wondering, last year 15 (out of 243) were sustained.




UPDATE 2:30 pm Thursday: Things started off pretty much like usual…the first 4 vetoes of the Capital Reserve Fund were overridden…85-16, 81-21, 80-20, and 78-25. And then….I saw something I didn’t see coming (and hadn’t seen before). The first 3 vetoes of Part1A were ALL SUSTAINED…..60-44, 60-49, and 51-59. Yes, you read that right….SUSTAINED 3 for 3 on Part1A.

Folks, that’s not normally how things go here.

Quickly, a motion to adjourn for the came up up so that those who would rather override the vetoes could “change momentum” over the weekend. The adjournment motion barely passed 57-52 and so no more vetoes were taken up.

What does this mean? Pass the Advil, there’s gonna be a lot of arm-twisting this weekend before we return on Tuesday to take up the vetoes again (62 more) on the last week of session.