I was watching Hannity and Colmes tonight when I about fell out of my chair. No, not because of the “Reverend Wright media frenzy.” (Question: When will those 15 minutes be up?)

It was this that made me think “will it ever stop?”

We send one of our best Speakers of the House across the border and his friends in the Great White North come up with this prediction? (I’m hoping someone carried and extra one by mistake doing the math on the gallon/litre conversion).

I’m finally numb to the fact we’re pushing $3.50 a gallon; but can’t imagine how we’ll tolerate $7 a gallon!

Maybe it’s like the analogy of the frog in pot of water. Turn up the heat a little bit and he’ll never notice. He’ll just stay there, not really notice or complain, next thing you know the water’s boiling.

Tonight, we paid $73 (at Kroger gas, by the way) to fill up my wife’s Expedition.

Someone please brush up on their French and give His Excellency a call and have him fix this now, eh?