Last week I wrote about REAL ID and it appears several folks were tuned in. It looks like today all the cards were laid on the table. I’ve seen some strange endings when watching the World Series of Poker and today seemed made-for-TV.

It started awhile ago when the Federal Government came down on State Governments and said “you must implement REAL ID”.

Last year, the SC Legislature voted not to do that. (Variety of reasons….unfunded mandate, personal liberties, we’re stubborn in this state, etc).

Earlier this year, the Feds then came back with “you must implement REAL ID or ask for extension“. (Kinda like saying “we REALLY mean it this time, state governments.)

So, we (SC Legislature) bought it a little and voted to have the Governor ask for extension.

Today (the deadline). the Governor didn’t ask for an extenstion. Bold play, Governor.

The Feds then came back with “Nevermind, you’re fine…we’ll give you an extension anyway

Pretty strange to see the Feds keep betting through the flop, the turn, and the river only to find out they were bluffing along the way. Nice play, state legislature and Governor.

For the record, things like these are not “games” but it’s easy for most people to view it like that. There are certainly several things we can improve on in South Carolina but this REAL ID situation is pretty bad for a slew of reasons.

If we thought for one minute it would make us safer, we’d be all for it; however, our current system isn’t too far off from what the feds are trying to do.

Here’s an idea. How about the Feds giving us some of their “big stack” so we don’t have to keep coming to y’all for the chips needed to play their game?