Golly, folks. Aunt Bea wouldn’t approve of this, would she? Well, maybe if Aunt Bea was a libertarian – maybe.

Now I’m not saying Otis would’ve voted in every Mayberry Election if booze wasn’t for sale on election day, but c’mon…is this what the voters are clamoring for in South Carolina?

I gotta admit, I haven’t heard the debate on this in the Judiciary Committee and since I consider Rep. Murrell Smith and Rep. Jim Harrison pretty smart guys, maybe I’m just missing the boat here.

We probably won’t vote this week (due to budget) but H4585 is on the calendar. So, what say ye? Drink up? or leave the hanging chads and long lines to the sober ones in the state?

When I campaigned to represent the people of House District 71, I thought I did a pretty good job listening. First and foremost the overwhelming majority here wanted property tax relief. Next on their “fix-it list” was curbing government spending. Then a few hundred told me we should consider ways to improve our educational system. Of course, there were a handful who wanted roads fixed…and then, let me think…what was next? Strengthen DUI laws? Make our roads safer? Create more jobs for our citizens? Let us drink booze on Election Day?

I haven’t had a Constituent Service Night in a few weeks so maybe I need to check the pulse again but I’m pretty sure this bill is not high on the radar in House District 71 – or the rest of our state for that matter.