As I’ve mentioned several times, we have a very active community that rallies together around several issues…..whether it’s a bond referrendum, annexation/incorporation efforts, WalMart, or now a CSX side-rail…..our community and our neighbors act quickly to preserve our quality of life.

Sometimes we win. Sometimes we lose. Regardless, the community gets involved!

Over the past few months, a new group has formed to fight the proposed side-rail that CSX is wanting to place near the Lowman Home.

The Dutch Fork Community Action Group was founded by numerous members of the Dutch Fork Community to insure the safe development of the area.

The chairman is Jonathan Harling who lives on Mount Vernon Church Road in White Rock, SC.

Jonathan’s email is I’m sure he wants to hear from you!

Senator John Courson and I have been in various meetings with CSX and the community. Unfortunately we have learned that railroads are a federal issue. We have offered to go to Washington to meet with our federal elected officials if they need us. A meeting with US Senators and Representatives would go along way in this fight. They could also involve the US Department of Transportation, Federal Railroad Administration as well.