Tonight I stopped into Publix at Kennerly Crossing and couldn’t believe how packed it was!

It didn’t take long for me to figure out that it was Oak Pointe Elementary School Publix Family Reading Night and their students were everywhere!

If you were like me, you probably are asking “What’s a Family Reading Night” at a grocery store?

Students are given a sheet with five grade-appropriate questions/tasks for them to complete while they shop with their Mom or Dad. When they’re finished, each student receives a goodie-bag on their way home.

I took a peek at the 3rd-5th grade sheet and here’s a sampling:

1. Find your favorite cereal. What is the main ingredient?

2. Name five different flavors of ice cream that list caramel as an ingredient.

3. Check out the Spanish foods section. Name three foods you find there.

4. How many flavors of yogurt are there?

5. Look around the store. Find four new vocabulary words. What do you think these words mean?

I’m not sure how many schools and business partners are doing events like this but I think this is an excellent (fun!) way for students to learn,for families to spend more time together, and for Moms/Dads to tackle this chore in a fun way too!

Pictured above with Plato (the Publixaurus) are OPES Principal Jim Stephens, Megan Taylor, Derek Heim, Ames Humphrey, Austin, and other Pioneers!