As you can see the sun wasn’t up yet but that didn’t stop over 300 students, teachers, and parents from participating in the Walk To School event on Wednesday, October 3rd at Leaphart Elementary.

Pictured above are Dr. Appling, Principal of Leaphart Elementary and Dr. Scott AndersEn, Superintendent of Lexington/Richland School District Five.

Leading the walk were USC Mascot “Cocky”, USC cheerleaders, Irmo High School Mascot “Stinger”, members of the Irmo High Band and Irmo High cheerleaders.

I met several students who were obviously excited about the event. I also met Phyllis Johns who was listed here on my blog earlier in the week. She has two grandchildren at Leaphart Elementary.

Did you know:

* 670,000 children attend SC public schools
* 335,000 of those children ride school buses
* 140 SC elementary and middle schools registered with the SC Walk to School organizations
* 80,000 was the estimated number of students, parents, and others who walked to school that day