Always happy to visit our schools.  I enjoyed reading to Mr. Gilcrese's class at Ballentine Elementary.

Rep. Ballentine,

Thank you for your thoughtful and helpful response. I’ve really appreciated how much you time you spend staying in touch with you constituency and how responsive you have been to my questions and concerns. You have my respect and gratitude for your service, sir, and your family has my appreciation for their sacrifice so that you can serve. Ya’ll will be in my family’s prayers.

Daniel Blomberg

“Just wanted to say a great big THANK YOU for the way that you keep us informed and your faith (for that is very important to me also).”

Don Baldwin

“Thank you for staying in touch. You have been the only Representative that has taken any interest and has responded. I appreciate your efforts… You have set the bar high and it would be quite an accomplishment if others would achieve even half of the care and concern you show to us that live in your District.”

Ms. Connie Bane

“I just want to take a minute to thank you for the monthly updates. They provide information that I don’t see from other sources.”

Brenton Bennett

“I’m happy to advise that the sink hole was repaired sometime during the day on Friday. Thank you for your assistance in this matter. I will be sure to let my neighbors know that you were instrumental in resolving our problem.”

Jerry S. Best

“Just wanted to say thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule to pay a visit to the folks at the Ashford Annual Meeting. This meant a lot to those in attendance. You are a great person, keep up the good work.”

Ed Betoski

“Thank you for taking the time to visit us today. The fact that you took time to become familiar with our situation tells me that I made a wise choice in supporting you.”

L.A. Blue

“Again many thanks for taking the time to prepare and DELIVER the recommendation for my daughter. I must share her comment which is very much a compliment to you and your efforts in being there for your constituents- Wow mom , Mr. Ballentine is certainly not a Typical Politician! That’s the best compliment you could ever receive!!!!”

Rosemary Bowie

“Good morning. I wanted to let you know that I have been very impressed with your updates to folks like me who voted for you. It is a nice change to feel included and that my opinion makes a difference to elected leaders. From the day you knocked on my door to introduce yourself, it was obvious that you had a plan of action.”

Tim Brown

“My husband and I are so impressed with the effort you make to communicate with your constituents. It is much appreciated and will not be forgotten.”

Karen and Larry Christian

“Thank you for following up on our concerns regarding Johnson Marina Road and Rauch-Metz Road. The repaving has made a huge difference in the safety of the roads.”

Lisa Corning

“Thanks so much for all you are doing. I knew when I e-mailed you and after talking to my friend Paulette Backmon you were the right person to talk to. This means a lot to the parents and mostly our kids. Have a great day!!!!!!”

Judy Deans
Friarsgate Park mother

“Thank you so much for your interest. It means a lot to us to know someone sees, and understands our concerns.”

Kem Dempsey

“I appreciate your request for input from the people you represent. The fact that you are funding scholarships for seniors shows your commitment to public education.”

Mark D. Estes, CPA

“You truly are living up to your campaign promises and I am very proud you represent me.”

Will Floyd, MD

“To be honest with you I have been so blown away by your response I have not been able to respond. My son, Kevin and my entire family have been so impressed with this singular act of kindness that we have decided to offer our services in your re-election. I will do anything and Kevin(the Eagle Scout) has said he will be more than happy to help. We have spoken several times and feel sure you are the type person we want to represent us at the state house. Again let me offer my thanks and tell you a more formal response will be forthcoming.”

Leland E. George

“Thank you for the reply e-mail. You are extremely faithful about responding to citizens’ concerns. I appreciate that very much. Speaking of faithful, thank you also for reminding me and everyone about the National Day of Prayer.”

Bridgette Goff

“I just wanted to let you know how much my mother enjoyed receiving your wonderful note with the enclosed picture of her. It is the first time in her 82 years of life that she has ever appeared in the newspaper! Her smile has not left her face since she read your kind words. What a blessing it is to know that an elected official can show such warmth and does those little things that mean a lot for his constituents.”

Jayney M. Green

“You are a good man who has given us a belief that not all politicians are POLITICIANS.”

Elisa Hankinson

“Just wanted to THANK YOU for attending our meeting last night. It means a great deal to all of us that you took the time from your very busy schedule to get to know us and hear our concerns. We are very proud that you are our Representative.”

Yvette, Rich & Tom Hering

“Thank you for taking time to speak with my students the other evening.”

Laurie Humphrey
Teacher and Student Government Advisor, Dutch Fork High School

“Thanks for being so accessible to all of us who live in your district. I am so proud that you are representing us in the House and know that you will keep us informed on major issues.”

Dr. Judy Johnson

“Nathan, Cannot begin to thank you enough for being concerned and active on these very issues which are at the top of the list of your constituents.”

Dale D. Krause

“Thanks for your response— of the roughly eight legislators that I emailed, you were the only one who responded.”

Joseph B. Lang, Ph.D.
Irmo High School

“As a constituent, I wanted to thank you for all that you are doing for your district. Keep up the great work. If there is anything I can do for you, don’t hesitate to call on me.”

David Lockwood

“Thank you for this great letter! I also wanted to thank you for helping me with the trash issue in Heatherstone. In comparison to the other irons in your fire, I know this was small, but within the week I emailed your office, I was contacted by two people as well as a response indicating that you would take this in your hands because the county official was out that week.”

Eddie Magic

“Thank you for directing me to the appropriate person to help my sister with water and sink hole problems created by the city & county… It really bothers me that government will treat citizens so bad so they can support their own agenda. I’m sure glad you are not the same good old boy politician! Thanks again.”

Janet Marshall

“Thanks again for the consistent way in which you keep us informed. I actually feel that we have a real Representative of our district.”

Carl W. McCord, M.D.

“Talk about a prompt response … impressive.”

Robert Mellon

“Many thanks for the rapid response after I emailed about our light problem. I was contacted by a deputy that you have contact with and we talked at length. I was contacted by your contact at MCEC and the light has been fixed. It doesn’t look like another light will be installed but as long as the other is kept in working order it will help. Thanks again so much for your help with such a small problem. And thanks too for your involvement with doing something about the HollingshedKennerly road intersection. You’ve been a huge help and it is very much appreciated! You’ve got my vote!”

Elizabeth Miller

“I just wanted to personally thank you for recognizing the 3rd grade class of Lake Murray Elementary School and in particular my granddaughter, Madison Hunt, while you were on the House floor today. It pleases me to know that my representative was willing to make a little girl feel very special.”

Toni T. Nance

“Thank you for responding to my e-mail. It is quite frankly the first response I have ever received from one of my legislators and is much appreciated.”

Mr. Kemble Oliver

“Nathan – just wanted to take a moment and thank you for taking the time Sunday to attend the BBQ. I know that on a lazy Sunday afternoon there are often other things you could be doing but your attendance was certainly appreciated.”

Debra Ouzts

“On behalf of The North Lakeshore Homeowner’s Assn I want to thank you for your help in clearing the burnt house and trash dump in our neighborhood. I was pleased to see, upon our return from a terrific trip to Italy, that both problems were taken care of.”

Wayne Quinlan

“Thank you so much for your support on H.3604. I will not forget the help and concern you have shown for the people of not only your district, but the entire people of SC. As busy as you are, I still received personal email responses from you when I contacted you. Although I’m not in your district, you cared enough to correspond and be concerned about issues important to me.”

Dixon Reaves

“God bless you! I was so excited to read your email tonight. I will be sure to inform our members that you were the shining star who helped save the day for us. Keep up your good work in the state house. I know it is hard to get the other representatives to see that we really need to become more financially /fiscally responsible like Gov. Sanford has been saying. Thank you so very much for your help!”

Grace Rentiers

“Thank you so much for the regular updates. In the 22 years that I have been a registered voter, no other representative has been so conscientious in getting news out to me on a consistent basis. This shows your initiative and commitment to your constituents and my family is grateful. Keep up the good work.”

Wendy Rice

“On behalf of the faculty, staff, parents and students of River Springs Elementary, we would like to thank you for serving as our guest speaker. Your presence and presentation were sincerely appreciated by all.”

Julius Scott
Administrative Assistant, River Springs Elementary School

“Dear Rep. Ballentine, I wanted to take a moment and thank you for standing up for the taxpayers of South Carolina by voting to sustain many of Governor Sanford’s vetoes. It is pleasing to know that there are still some men of principle in our state government who put the best interest of our citizens ahead of petty politics. I find it very unfortunate and extremely petty that you are being punished for standing up for your principles and the promises that you made to the voters of your district. I wish you all the success in the future and will continue to follow your career with great interest. If I may ever be of any assistance to you in the future please do not hesitate to let me know. May God bless you and your family.”

William B. Simons
North Charleston, SC

“I know how busy you must be, and to take time from your hectic schedule to do such a kind thing really meant a lot to me.”

Kim Sullivan
Richland/Lexington School District Five

“Thank you for personally writing me back. You have been the only one so far to respond. You can be certain that I will be at your Community Forum in August. Thank you so much for all that you do for your community. I had the pleasure of meeting you personally back in March at the State House. My third graders and I were there visiting, and you introduced yourself to us. That meant a lot.”

Martie Talbert

“I thank you for your support and your rationale for doing so. I also appreciate your sending the updates to keep me abreast of events at the Statehouse.”

Ken Tallman

“I simply wanted to thank you for sending out these periodic updates. I think this is an excellent way to open communications with those of us who are not typically that involved with Politics. This newsletter helps open our eyes to all the things that are going on around us and gives us a unique perspective into what you feel are the important issues. … Keep up the good work and again thanks for the updates.”

Ricky Tripp

“I have been meaning to contact you to pass along the thanks of those of us here in Ridgecreek, I apologize for not doing so. The crosswalk looks great and I’m sure it will provide a measure of safety for our children. I appreciate the signs indicating the pedestrian crossing and the children walking to school signs as well.”

Jim Vicar

“Thank you very much for the update. It is so very nice to have a Representative who thinks enough of the people to keep them informed.”

Ned E. Wallace, Jr.

“Thank you so much for sending the report. I think it was a good survey and expresses well the sentiment of our community. I just want you to know how much I appreciate you and what you have been doing for our area. I am also proud you are a member of our church. Thank you for the communications you have been doing. The phone calls, letters, and etc. have been wonderful. At least, there is a person who is trying to represent the people.”

Mary Watson

“You’re the best! Thanks for passing this along – it means a lot to me that you’ve taken so much of your personal time to investigate this issue and share with myself and others the amendments, etc.”

Susan Wise

“You were the reason I voted for the first time in my life. I appreciate the efforts and honesty you have put forth in dealing with the issues in our community.”

Richard Wolfe

“Just wanted to say hello and thank you for keeping me informed on a regular basis on what’s happening at the State House level. Keep up the great work with this newsletter. Your sound reasoning comes across very well. You are sincere and honest about were you stand. That’s refreshing. You are hitting on all cylinders at the moment, my friend. I appreciate your service to our community. It’s an honor to have you as my representative.”

John Zeigler